Alpina Vertical is a company specialised in rope access jobs and work at heights in the private and industrial sectors.

We are able to offer an optimal solution to our clients’ needs by means of rope access and rope positioning techniques.

We have extensive professional experience and international presence. Our headquarters are settled in Madrid, Spain.

We specialise in rope access and positioning works of high technical difficulty in buildings, structures and in the industrial field.

We combine the advantages of our experience in rope access work with extensive knowledge of traditional construction systems.

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Installation, maintenance and removal of structures, machinery, construction elements, advertising, protective equipment, etc. by means of vertical work.

We specialise in the installation of all types of elements using vertical work techniques: air conditioning systems, smoke and fume extraction systems, signs and advertising banners, awnings, plumbing, electrical and telecommunications systems, protection meshes, lifelines, bird protection, aerials, lightning rods and other elements.

We work in the construction sector using rope access and positioning techniques.

We carry out works of rehabilitation, repair, restoration, painting, insulation and waterproofing of all types of surfaces using climbing techniques: facades, patios, party walls, decks, roofs, decorative components and other elements on buildings using both vertical lifting techniques and traditional systems (scaffolding, access towers, etc.).

Cleaning works by means of vertical and rope access works.

We are specialists in cleaning walls, facades, windows, curtain walls, roofs, decks, gutters, ventilation systems, etc. using rope access techniques.

Hydro-blasting, sandblasting and manual cleaning.

Hoisting, removal and movement of large and/or heavy objects by means of vertical techniques.

Industrial machinery, air conditioning equipment, metal structures, other types of elements, etc.

We have a high level of technical training as well as safety equipment and systems that are periodically inspected and updated, offering maximum guarantees of safety and quality in our work.

Pruning of trees and other vegetation using rope access techniques.

Periodic supervision and maintenance service of PPE for rope access and site work for companies and other interested parties.

We have competent personnel accredited by the main manufacturers.

A: Palomeras st. #23 - Local

(28053, Madrid)

T: +34 910 160 392

M: +34 699 701 210